Venturing Into Podcasts

I have recently been convinced that I should consider using my audio expertise for good in the world of podcasting. So, here I am diving head first into the wonderful world of podcasting! I have a client for whom I do digital editing, music production and final mastering of their podcasts. They enlightened me as to the proliferation and popularity of Podcasts and suggested that I expand my client base and use my skills as a seasoned audio production guru to venture into the world of podcasts to help out others as I have helped them out. Aaaahhh...nothing like a new direction in the world of web-o-sphere and sound services to really motivate me to use my skills for the greater good! So, while this may be a rather short blog, I assure you that it is merely one of many , many to follow so stay tuned to to see what sort of impact I will have in the world of podcasts!

Thanks for now!

I'll be back as soon as I download stitcher, and libsyn, and podbean and about a million other apps to immerse my mind into this amazing portal of knowledge and insight!





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