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Mobb Deep, Roy Ayers, R.E.M., Disney Radio, George Clinton, Q Tip, Busta Rhymes, Vernon Reid (Living Color), Peter Gunz and Corey Gunz, Biohazard, Nelly MacKay, Leeann Rimes, Lenny White, DJ Jonathon Peters, Dolly Parton, Jenna Torres for Warner Chapel Publishing, Nas and many others.
— Client History

"Thanks for making everything easy and productive"

--Ice T

“Great sound and very efficient engineering work! He always brings out the clarity in the mixing process”
— Roy Ayers
“Nice fat guitar sound, man, thanks for hooking me up”
— Vernon Reid of Living Color
“You’ve got a great ear for music and hear every detail”
— Jenna Torres; Warner Chapel Publishing.
I love that vocal effect you used, makes me sound funky!
— George Clinton of Parlament Funkadelic
“Nice vocal sound, warm and clean”
— Mos Def