I will Mix your music with the latest techniques and tools available to create a professional sounding product!

Mixing of all tracks utilizing analog and digital processing including all major plug-ins and outboard gear for professional Radio ready mix quality. Transfer, replication and conversion of digital media like AAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, M4P etc. Upload and download media to FTP sites, LAN & WiFi networks and offline resources. Maintain and setup audio media and recording / post-production systems as well as computer networks.
Vocal track recording and producing, including vocal coaching, harmonizing and vocal styling. Utilizing the latest software and hardware for extensive programming of MIDI, VST sequencing, audio recording, sound file editing, music production and sound design with major DAW environments such as Pro Tools. 
Performing and composing as a musician in capacity of drums, percussion, keyboards, piano, guitar and bass, even kazoo! Also, scoring and arranging for classical instruments such as strings, horns and woodwinds.