Producer/ Engineer /Multi-Instrumentalist/Composer/Arranger with extensive experience can provide you with the guidance and creative vision which results in a unique and professional product.
All types of music considered including Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance, Electro, Alternative, Folk and Americana and any sort of new hybrid we can think of.

As a Producer, I will sit down with you and discuss the overall approach to your project and create an outline from which we will detail the pre-production/production process and figure out what is needed to bring your ideas and songs into reality. We will figure out what songs will work best for you, what arrangements are best suited to your material as well as finding the right instrumentation. We will also focus on the best recording process and what studio would fit your music, what musicians will be needed what sort of schedule we are looking at as well as a timeline we will need to deliver a professional final product. I will work with you to develop the vocal sound and what sort of background vocals and harmonies and ad libs that will work best for your music and lend vocal coaching skills in the studio. My philosophy is that pre-production is very important. This will help us to know exactly what we will be doing once we get into the studio so as to utilize the time and budget as efficiently as possible.

As a Multi-Instrumentalist, I can lend my talents as a drummer/drum programmer, percussionist, pianist/keyboardist, rhythm guitarist, vocals/background vocals and synth programmer.

With all of my skills it is like you are getting three or four people in one. A world class engineer, a creative producer, a versatile multi-instrumentalist and a composer all wrapped up in one very talented guy!

What I ask of you is that you are serious about music and be motivated and inspired to make some great music and achieve a professional product.

What my clients have said about my work
"You've got a great ear for music and hear every detail" Jenna Torres; Warner Chapel Publishing.
"Great sound and very efficient work engineering work!" Roy Ayers
"Nice fat guitar sound, man, thanks for hooking me up" Vernon Reid of Living Color
"I love that vocal effect you used, makes me sound funky" George Clinton
"Nice vocal sound, warm and clean" … Mos Def
"Thanks for making everything easy and productive" Ice T